Happy Birthday Carey!

Posted on 16 August 2011

Happy Birthday Carey!

Happy Birthday Carey!

Today is Carey Price’s 24th birthday!

With him having completed 4 years in the NHL already, it’s hard to believe that he’s still just 24. He has some significant accomplishments to date, and has many more to look forward to this coming year:

* His 2nd win in 2011-12 will be the 100th of his career.
* He will play in his 250th NHL game.
* His 17th win of the season will move him into the top ten all-time wins for a Canadiens goaltender.
* His 25th game of the season will put him in the top ten all-time games played by a Canadiens goaltender.
* If he has five or more shutouts this year, he will be in 10th place all-time for Canadiens goaltenders.

2010-11 was a great year for Carey Price, and here’s hoping that 2011-12 can be even more successful!

Feel free to wish Carey a happy birthday in the Comments section!

On a final and personal note, I wish I could return the favour and be there for his birthday party!

35 responses to Happy Birthday Carey!

  • Alyssa(: says:

    i love you carey(: im your number 1 fan! and i swear it to good<3 happy birthday(: enjoy yourself(:

  • Peter says:

    Carey I wish you a happy 24th birthday and wish you ush success in the cming campaign!!

  • Jill says:

    Hi Carey,

    Happy birthday!!!! hope you have a great day!!!.. Can’t wait for the hockey season to start!!!! You are the best!!!!!

  • MIke says:

    Happy Birthday Carey all the best to you have a great day and an even better summer Cheers.

  • William Connors says:

    Hi Carey! Happy birthday and enjoy your summer. You bring joy to Montreal fans everywhere and we wish you all the best.

    P.S. Don’t get hurt at rodeo please.

  • Mike D says:

    Happy 24th, Carey! Enjoy the rest of your summer and best wishes to you and the Habs this upcoming season.

  • Moira Ross says:

    Have a great day Carey! I’ve been a Habs fan since the 70’s. My favourite player back then was Larry Robinson. My fav player today is YOU!! I love your calm demeanor with that bit of an edge!!! Watch every game on RDS, can’t wait for the 2011-12 season to get underway…Have a fantastic year and we know you’ll only get even better with time!!

  • Dave Emmell says:

    Happy B-day Carey! Have a great day!

  • PAUL says:

    Happy 24th Carey!! From all of us Habs fans here in Chisasibi, Quebec.

  • Dale C says:

    Happy 24th Carey. So thankful that you are a Hab. Looking forward to another great season (injury free) with you leading this organization back to the promised land.

  • Maurizio says:

    Happy Birthday Carey!

    All the best for the coming year.

  • Dave Adams says:

    Your one tough guy Carey, The hardship some fans gave you was intense, but you played through and got your confidence back. Happy birthday and great job.

  • Melissa says:

    Happy birthday Price!! Hope you have a great day! (:
    All the best!

  • Jake says:

    Happy Birthday Carey! I am your biggest fan. I am starting as a goalie for my hockey team this year. I hope one day I am as good as you (which is impossible).

  • Marie-Jeanne says:

    Happy Birthday Carey! Have a great day!

  • Eddy says:

    You’re the best! Happy 24 th birthday and 25 th Stanley Cup for your 25th birthday!!!!!

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