Go Habs Go!

Posted on 19 July 2009


Cheer Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens on as they celebrate 100 years of hockey excellence.

Carey Price himself will be viewing your messages and will respond to as many as possible during the 2009/2010 season.

Express your passion for the bleu, blanc et rouge today!

182 responses to Go Habs Go!

  • Olivier says:

    I wish is doing is best… is just not good in every game he plays. Great game saturday night in nashville, what a shame for the others players. He did 53 saves and his teamates were not even able to put to puck once the net!

  • Harditya says:

    Price, congrats for being the 2nd star of the week in the NHL. This guy is turning into an elite goalie very fast.
    His level of play and intensity have been literally amazing, let alone the fact that goalies don’t hit their stride and prime time until they’re 25 years old…sometimes it takes longer.

    In Price, we trust! GO Price GO!

  • Marie-Jeanne says:

    Congratulation!!! You win for the second time the Molson Cup!!! :D

    Continue like that!! ;)

    • Harditya says:

      Yeah, this guy has been playing terrificly. Il est un bon joueur.

      Allons-y Carey!
      Go Carey Go!

      • Melissa says:

        Congratulations for winning the Molson Cup two months in a row Carey!! Good Job! Your saves are amazing! :)

        • Harditya says:

          Yup, Carey definitely deserved those. This guy has been amazing this season.

          • Annie says:

            Carey Price may not have perfect numbers this season, but don’t judge him. He’s got a few flaws, but he’s only human. In a couple of years, Carey will be the best thing anyone has ever seen.

  • Melissa says:

    Hey Carey! You played a GREAT, AMAZING game against the thrashers. Your saves were just insanely incredible! You definitely deserved the first star without doubt. Maybe if the team helps you out a little more they might give you a few more wins. Don’t give up! Your the #1 goalie and a great inspiration to so many fans! Keep up the great work!:)
    From your biggest fan!

    • Marie-Jeanne says:

      I’m totally agree with you!!
      Carey, you were EXCEPTIONAL! :D
      You did a lot of very great saves! That was Unbelievable!
      I’m very Proud to be One of your Biggest Fan!! ;)


  • Harditya says:

    Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

  • Melissa says:

    Merry Christmas Carey!! May your holidays be filled with joy and love! All the best! :)
    Your #1 fan

  • mrs.price says:

    Merry Chirstmass pricee<333
    iloveyouu :) <3
    make us all proudd:D:D:D

  • Marie-Jeanne says:

    :o I was anxious when the puck hurt you, luckily you just have an injury to your ear. So, take care of you! ;)

  • Harditya says:

    Comes back to play after 2 weeks and he was still sharp! Outstanding performance man, that shut the critics up. This guy is showing so much potential! He’s kicking butt at the age of 22, imagine this guy’s level of play once he hits his stride and prime time!

    Go Habs Go! The Price is Right!

  • Marie-Jeanne says:

    Good game against Buffalo, even if you and your team didn’t win the game. ;)

  • Marie-Jeanne says:

    I Hope that it will be you in the net against Dallas! ;) You need to come back, We miss you! :p

  • Melissa says:

    Hey Price! My parents surprised me with tickets to my first game for tomorrow against Dallas! I can’t wait to watch the Canadiens play right in front of me, but I really hope it will be you in nets! Everyone wants you to play! I hope you do so very soon! :D

    • Melissa says:

      Wow! The game was amazing! It was an incredible experience I will never forget! The best part was getting to see you on the ice! :) Congrats on the win! You did a great job!

      • Joëlle says:

        Me too when I go for the first time to the Bell Center I was so excited! And when I see him on ice I was very happy… That was the March 10th of the season 2008-2009, the first game for the coach Bob Gainey… Saku Koivu scored in overtime and the people in the Bell Center jumped in the air and scream! I’ll remember this for a long time…! I was just in the curve of ice, Carey was just in front of me and I remember, I was looking all the time and I was thinking:” Who is in the goal?” and it was Carey!

        Aniway I want to say to all the all the fans that Carey Price is best!
        Nobody can say the contrary!

        Go Price Go!
        Let’s go Montreal!
        One of the biggest fans of Carey Price and the Habs, Joëlle

    • #1 Habs Fan says:

      You’re so lucky! I’ve always wanted to go to a Montreal game!! Have Fun!

  • Harditya says:

    Hey Carey! Hang in there bud, you’ve been playing good recently. Keep it up for the playoff push! Go Carey Go!

  • M says:

    It broke my heart to see you struggle against Ottawa.
    Come on, Carey, show us how much you love playing hockey !
    Go get ‘em !

  • Annie says:

    GO CAREY GO! We all know you are able to do whatever it takes to win, you just need to believe in yourself!\

    Price, you are the best.

    P.S Halak better get traded because he’s such a loser!

    • admin says:

      Jaro is NOT a loser. PLAY nice please.

    • Harditya says:

      Jaro is not a loser, bud. I agree we’d all love to see Price play and win, but Jaro is doing his role effectively as well. Both Price and Halak are two young goaltenders that have a friendly competition between themselves. Whoever’s hotter, plays. As simple as that. Having 2 good goalies is not a bad thing. So many teams are thriving to have a goaltending tandem like this.

  • Annie says:

    Jaro, if you’re ever reading this, I want you to know, while the spotlight is on you, that Carey Price is definitly the soon to be best goalie in the history of the NHL, and hockey everywhere! And soon enough, you’ll get traded, and all the stress, or at least most of it, will be taken off of the greatest to be goalie ever, Carey Price.

    P.S I hope you don’t miss the best city on earth…. MONTREAL!!

    GO HABS GO… Especially CAREY PRICE!!

    You can do it Carey, you just have to believe in yourself.

  • Charlotte N says:

    Just smile, Carey! We’re rooting for you!

  • Melanie says:

    Oh My god, i just hop you’ll answer…And I just want to say to you that i am a fan since the beginning… lol…You’ve make me doing the craziest thing i ever done(i got a tatou with your number on…loll)… Love ya….And never forget that you are one of the best goalie of the nhl….Remember this song when you have some doupt…

    Eys of the tiger:
    So many times, it happens to fast…you trade you passion for glory…DONT LOOSE THE GRIP ON THE DREAM OF THE PAST YOU MUST FIGHT JUST TO KEEP THEM ALIVE…

    One of your biggest fan, Mell( i’m gonna see you at the practice tomorow( fevruary 10…Anyway, i’m always at your practice… loll Enjoy we could meet one day…)

  • Valérie says:

    Please stop comparing the two of them they are different and they don’t need you bitching one of the other. Halak and Price are both very good goalies.


  • Mike says:

    The circus that is Montreal has to make you laugh Pricey. I for one think you’re having a pretty good year on one of the lower scoring teams in the league. Don’t let the crazies get to you man, this is the same city that chased away Jacques Plante :-)

  • Mike says:

    A little heavy handed on the moderation or what? How was my comment saying “Carey, I think you’re having a pretty good year & not to let the crazies get to you. This is the same town that ran Jacques Plante out of town” unacceptable when you’ve got a guy posting “Jaro is a loser” in the same thread?!?! Sorry, I really don’t get that kind of moderation and it makes your page completely worthless in my opinion. B-Bye.

  • Melissa says:

    Hey Price!! That was one INCREDIBLE performance yesterday against the Sharks! You were simply AMAZING! Great job! Keep it up! And remember, just smile! :D

  • Joëlle says:

    I Agree! You’re right Melissa! He makes 37 saves I think and the team did not put a other shot behind the goaltender! Jacques Martin is a very bad coach! He doesn’t put Carey in net for the next game! He makes AMAZING saves and Jacques Martin put Halak! That make me angry! I can’t believe he do that… I don’t understand he’s choses…

    Carey if you read this, I want you to know that you’re a very good goaltender. You’re amazing… We miss you and I wish you’ll be more often in the net for the rest of the season.

    *Si quelqu’un parle français s.v.p. faites moi signe*

    Go Price Go!
    Let’s go Montreal!

    One of the biggest fan of Carey Price and the Habs, Joëlle

  • Harditya says:

    He’s back with the white pads!

  • Ariel Dubreuil says:

    Carey Price c’est le meilleur gardiende l.histoir de la ligue national .. personne ne lui arrive a la cheville.J’ai officiellement le titre de sa fan #1 et je peut vous dire que personne ne peut savoir a quel point je serais prete a faire n’importe quoi pour Carey. Je pris pour lui a chaque soir (je ne suis pas sur que dieu existe mais on ne sait jamais). Carey n’a que 22 ans .. on sait qu’il a fait de nombreuse chose dans le junior mais il a aussi accomplit de nombreuse chose dans la ligue nationale.Il est un des 5 seul gardien dans toute l’histoire de la LNH a avoir coonu 2 saisons de 20 victoires et plus dans la ligue natinal avant 21 ans. deplus il est le plus jeune récipiendaire de la coupe molson depuis la saison 1972-1976. Je ne suis pas tres bonne en anglais mais je vais faire de mon mieu :
    Carey you’re the best goaltender that the world never seen. Good luck for the net season and i’m shure taht you will dazle everyone.All habs fans are with you and i’m shure that the montreal’s canadiens will win the stanley cup with you goaltending.Do not let the pressur affect you ans dont forget that nobody can beat the big carey price !one day I’ll become a journalist and I’ll interview you. This day I will realize my dream. And, When you will raise the Stanley Cup, people will know that I was right and that Carey Price will effectively become a legend.
    I wish you to have a wonderful life because you deserve.
    Ariel who in his heart is your true number 1 fan.

  • john says:

    Carey, time to to ‘JUST DO IT’ Montreal will be watching

  • theRazor67 says:

    #31 on the back #1 in our books!

  • Carter says:

    Go Carey Price!!!!!!!!!!11

  • #1 Habs Fan says:

    I love the habs! You’re my favourite NHL goalie ever.

    I’m so sorry about Max.
    I hope Pacioretty is okay for next season!
    Give him my best wishes when you see him!

    GO HABS !!


    -Meghan Dale, Age 11

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  • macallum says:

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    go carey go

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