Carey Price – Fight For The Top

Posted on 07 April 2010

The above video was created by 14 year old Madison Grenier. Madison created this video to show Carey’s struggle for the number one goaltending spot on the Montreal Canadiens. He has given it his all and we are behind him 100%.

27 responses to Carey Price – Fight For The Top

  • Melissa says:

    Wow…That is one sick video. If that doesn’t give a kick to those who boo and don’t appreciate Carey Price’s hard work, I don’t know what will. Great job Madison. We are all behind Price 110% Go!Carey!Go!

  • Don says:

    Great video! Hope it’ll make people think that he’s someones brother, son, friend, not just a property for people to judge.

  • Charlotte N says:

    That’s right, kid. And you guys are in the playoffs now! Keep smiling, we know you can do it :) The Caps are a tough team but it’ll be fun to play them anyway. I’ll be there Game 4!

    Go Carey Go! Go Habs Go!

  • Brittany says:

    I love your video! your so right, he worked really hard and should be recognized for it. I love Price! :) i hope we win against the caps tonight and even if Price doesn’t play, hes still my here:)

  • Marianne says:

    Wow! Very good video. There’s so much people who boo, and can’t imagine how hard a hockey playeur have to work. If the team lost a game, and Carey was in the net, they always said it is his fault. But sometimes it was the defence that wasn’t doing her job. Anyways, Carey Price have so much talent, and I hope I’ll see him on the ice soon! :)
    Go Carey!You’re my favorite hockey playeur!
    I hope we’ll win tonight against the penguins!
    Go habs go! Go Carey Go!! ;)

  • Marie-Jeanne says:

    Hey Carey!

    I’m behind you 210% :p and I’m sure that I’m not alone! ;)

    Go Price Go!

    • Joëlle says:

      And you’re right, you’re alone!

      I’m behind Carey Price and I’ll always be behind him…!

      He’s so a good goaltender!

      I love he’s style. Joëlle

    • #1 Habs Fan says:

      I follow him every season. You’re certainley not alone. ;)


  • Eric says:

    People don’t give carey enough credit, I’m behind him no matter what. Believe in your self carey because you have the talent to be one of the best and you know it and have shown it!


  • M says:


    I’m really sorry that you guys didn’t make it to the Cup final.

    I wish you a great summer. You deserve it.

    Finally, I hope and pray that I will see you back in a Habs jersey next year. Whatever happens, I truly wish you all the best.

    Take care,

  • Terri S. says:

    Carey! Thanks for a great season! Behind you 150%! ‘Hope to see you next season with the HABS. Have an awesome summer ….

  • Carriere says:

    Carey Price has the most ice swag in the nhl, he looks the best, he has the best style, and he gets no appreciation for his play, he works hard then gets booed as a 2nd star of a game and i don’t understand why?

    Your an amazing goalie Carey never give up, your gonna get a ring

  • Charlotte N says:

    It was a crazy ride of a season and a crazy ride of a post-season. Have a great summer. See you in the Fall :)

    Go Habs Go

    • #1 Habs Fan says:

      :0 It certainly was but Carey held through. :) GO PRICE! Montreal Rocks!

      WE LOVE YOU!! <3 XO <3 XO <3 XO <3

      -meghan dale, age 11

  • christopher says:

    carey ur the man,we all behind you buddy!!proove them people that dont beleive in u,that ur the real deal!!!always been a fan since ur days in tri-city!!neways go habs go go carey go,,always had ur back always will!!2010-2011 is the start of ur long and succesfull carreer here in mtl,,,we saw nice flashes since ur here,but iam sure ull make this city ur city for a longggggg time
    go price go u have the potentiel and now with ur work ethic and maturity ull burn this league for manyyyy years to come

  • Harditya says:


    We have full confidence in you!

  • angela says:

    sick video madison! i loved it! the song is perfect too!

    carey i will be behind you for your entire career, go carey go!!!!

  • Carter says:

    Carey, dont get down on yourself because of the other stupid canadiens fans are booing you. Just imagine them cheering you on instead of the boos. Remember you have to use imagery to improve your game. 90% of goalies who do imagery have a good game(s). I am a goalie and i do imagery and i have made Peewee AA the last two years. I think imagery works very effectively. When you do imagery and then you go into a game it feels like youve done it before and you know what to do. Use imagery to improve your game!

  • DC says:

    I was at the Habs home opener yesterday against Tampa Bay.
    Although we lost, there was nothing but cheers and more cheers for Carey Price and his amazing performance!
    GO PRICE! We believe in you!!

  • pikki says:

    Hey Carey,
    I think you are awesome! nevermind what people say and think… your back now.. and prove all of them wrong! kick some ass… I believe in you!

    You rock !!! XOX

  • #1 Habs Fan says:

    Hey Carey,

    You are such an amazing goalie! Me and my friends think you are so awesome! We’re rooting for you! I hope you and your team have a great season! Montreal is doing an amazing job so far this season! You’re better than Jaroslav Halak or Alex Auld. Go Carey!!

    GO HABS!!!!!


    -Meghan Dale, Age 11

  • #1 Habs Fan says:

    :) :) :) :) :) !!!GO CAREY GO!!! :) :) :) :) :)


  • #1 Habs Fan says:

    My FRiends and I are behind you and your team 210%. GO HABS GO

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