Carey Price Collector Spotlight – Dave E.

Posted on 23 June 2011


Dave E. and his Game-Used Stick
Dave E. and his Game-Used Stick

This will be the first of what will hopefully be several Carey Price Collector Spotlight posts to come during the summer. If you are interested in having your Price collection spotlighted here at please post a link to your collection in the Are You a Carey Price Collector? thread – collections will be randomly chosen. Please make sure to leave us with some method to contact you, preferably via Facebook.

Our first Collector Spotlight shines on Dave E. Dave has a very cool and wide-ranging collection that includes hockey cards, signed photos, and even a custom McFarlane figure!

This is what Dave has to say about his Price collection:

My first memories of collecting go back to my high school days (around 1990). My buddy and I used to ride our bikes around town, picking up old beer cans & bottles to cash in for card money. Back then I was collecting full sets, my first was the 1990-91 Score set. My collection then turned to focus more on collecting Montreal Canadiens players. I would collect the cards of the current team (buy packs, trade with friends, pick up others at card shows/stores). When a player was traded/left out he came, and in went the new player(s). After that I just collected my favorite players around the league. Once I got older, I started getting into collecting memorabilia as well.

The main reason I focus now on Carey Price is kind of a funny story. My love of goalies, and the Canadiens especially, are pretty much the reason I mostly collect Price. The funny part is when Price was drafted, I didn’t really like it, since I was a HUGE Theodore fan and collector at the time. I couldn’t figure out why we needed another goalie. Boy was I wrong! My interest in Price really peaked as he led Canada to World Junior Championship gold, and once he won the Calder Cup (plus being named MVP of both tournaments), I was sold.

Following him as he grew up through that season plus his first few NHL years has been awesome. Watching this past season, was especially bittersweet, since he finally proved his critics wrong, hopefully for good. I defended him numerous times through his rough 2nd half of year 2, plus year 3, to friends co-workers and anyone who’d listen. So here’s to Carey Price, and what will hopefully turn in to a HOF career, with numerous trophies and Stanley Cup rings, as he and my collection continue to grow!

Very well said Dave!

Here are the highlights of Dave’s Carey Price collection:


42 responses to Carey Price Collector Spotlight – Dave E.

  • Dave E says:

    Also just wanted to add, I wrote Carey Price a letter, and sent in a World Jr’s card, which he signed as well as a postcard and sent back to me.

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